Kass Smiley

Alaskan, Comedian, Songwriter, Raised by Wolves.

Home for all things Comedian Kass Smiley from Anchorage Alaska. Songs, Jokes, Sketches and Standup Comedy.

    I am an Alaskan Comedian, Singer-Songwriter. I have been entertaining people with my cutting jokes and silly-dirty songs, across the country from Alaska to Florida. Author of the acclaimed "Virginity Diaries", where I told the actual 100% true story of my high school deflowering. I've been lucky enough to have featured and and worked with amazing comedians like Doug Stanhope, Carl LaBove, Eddie Griffin and others. I'm also an Emcee and paid regular of The World Famous Chilkoot Charlie's AKA Koot’s. In 2014 I was invited to be part of a legendary stoner comedy legacy called "The Marijuana-Logues"; with amazing standup alumni like Tony Camin, Doug Benson and Arj Barker. In 2016 I released my debut Musical Comedy album, I was as a finalist in the 9th Annual Cleveland Comedy Festival and was selected to participate in the National What A Joke Comedy Festival Inauguration Protest Jan 20th 2017 to benefit the ACLU.

I survived living in The Rust Belt during the 2016 election, a house fire caused by a lightning strike and demons of my own self loathing to get here. Oh and I should mention, I’m also the Founder and Current Organizer of the Alaska B4UDie Comedy Fest. Anchorage Alaska, April 3-7th 2019.